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  • Year 3 Roman Day 26 April 2019- This week Year 3 enjoyed coming to school dressed as either Romans or Celts. They participated in various activities during the day such as: catapult creations, designing Roman shields, reenacting the story of Boudicca and crafting their own Roman mosaics. We were also pleased to see the effort that everyone has put into producing different […]
  • Easter Gardens 25 April 2019- Before the Easter holiday children in Reception learnt about the Holy period; the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection and what the cross means to Christians. They engaged in many activities to support their understanding of this special time, including: tasting hot cross buns, decorating crosses, painting flowers and crosses and even participating in a […]
  • St John’s bring home a 1st place 02 April 2019- On Monday, April 1st, St John’s Church School sent two teams of 7 girls and boys from Year 3 and 4 to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to participate in a netball tournament. Students on both teams were all fairly new to the sport but all were keen to learn and participate. Both teams showed wonderful leadership […]