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  • Planet poetry 18 January 2019- In year 1 this week, we’ve been looking at acrostic poems and as a class learnt a poem ‘Planets’ based on our topic of Space. Here’s the poem… PLANETS P lanets are humongous and they are all so beautiful. L ook at them orbiting the sun; some so fast and some so slow. A ll of them are […]
  • S’more news from Forest School 14 January 2019- Chicks and Ducklings had a very exciting lesson where they experienced fire and learnt how to make S’mores! They demonstrated exceptional listening skills and followed every instruction that was given to them. All the teachers joined in and had as much fun as their children. Other years groups learnt how to use a bow saw […]
  • Fun Family Friday 14 January 2019- This week we were looking at Pentominoes to see see how many different ones we could create. A pentomino is five squares that are joined together by at least one complete side. An example is shown below. We discovered that although some look different they are really mirror reflections or rotations. We think there are […]