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  • Discovery and wonder… 25 March 2019- Another incredibly busy week in Forest School. Carrying on from last week classes took part in pond dipping and insect hunting activities. The running total of different species in the pond is is now 22!   On Wednesday morning 3RM  discovered two Common Newts, by the afternoon 6CK had managed to locate and  catch a […]
  • Working together 25 March 2019- This week Miss Mason and Mrs Firth were invited to visit a private preparatory school in Cheshire. They were invited to talk about all the amazing things that happen at St John’s and  to help plan ideas about how the two schools could work together. It was an amazing experience visiting a school where parents […]
  • Can you read a map? 22 March 2019- Today for our Family Fun Friday we took part in some orienteering. Working in pairs, the children were given a photograph of something in the school grounds (a fire alarm, piece of equipment, manhole etc) and they had to find it. Once they had found it, they had to mark its position on a map […]