Hi Simon,

I wanted to send you an official email regarding our support from your team.

As a school we have had a tremendous amount of change and development in the last 12 months and this is set to continue for the most of the next year as we expand and include the arrival of more children!

The consequence of this is increased technical provision, starting with laptops and Macbooks, iPads and now with the advent of our new Genee Board IWB coming into the school in the coming weeks. It is solely because of the technical support provided by both Meena and James that has meant this can happen. Now we have both technicians working within the school we have gone from strength to strength- adults feel confident in the system and trust that it will work to their advantage in helping with technical issues. Both the technicians have complimentary skills for our Academy- allowing issues to be resolved with ease and dedication.

I would like to highlight Meena at this point, all staff have commented to me about how approachable she is, explaining all issues she has been involved with to the relevant staff- this communication has empowered the staff to feel confident that all issues can be resolved. her addition to our team has meant we can now really plan for the future, as such i have coordinated with her for the install and provision mapping for the new boards.

That is not to say James is any less of an asset, His knowledge of Mac has been crucial to our development, i am now in the position to roll Macbooks to all staff- including some technological resistant members! In particular his single minded focus and organisationally skills meant that after our lightning strike at the end of last academic year it allowed us to get back on track! Suffice to say that this was not an easy task with the amount of technology that broke!

Finally I would like to say a personal thank you to, Simon, your vision and friendly manner with questions/meeting/pondering have made a huge difference to way i can work- going from constantly having to check and chase jobs and issues when i first started here, to now, where i don’t need to check the status of jobs because of the communication that you 3 share enables exceptional professional dialogue and work ethic.

I look forward to the future and the development of the partnership in the future.

Thank you on behalf of the Academy, staff and children and myself.

Rhys Maddox
Digital Learning coordinator
Fulbridge Academy