A scientific approach to Forest School

As it has been Science Week we have concentrated our outdoor learning on habitats, life cycles and living and growing. EYFS and KS1 have spent their time learning about the life cycle of worms and went on a soil and worm investigation. There were many squeals of delight when someone found a worm and many could identify it as an adult worm or a juvenile worm.
KS2 focused on exploring habitats of common insects and investigated what was living in the pond. So far, we have found 15 different species including Water Mites, Greater Water Boatmen, Lesser Water Boatmen, Hydras, a variety of Molluscs, a variety of worms and Stonefly Nymphs. Year 5 and 6 have also reported sightings of a rather large spider roaming around the garden!!
Cooking this week was challenging due to the strong winds but we persevered and managed to make our own pasta and filling for a chicken lasagne.