Spanish Club

This week in Spanish club we had a Spanish art lesson based on the works of the famous Spanish artist Picasso. Children learned the Spanish words for the parts of the face before making their own Picasso inspired piece of artwork using oil pastels. I am so pleased with the results and just love the variety of colours the children chose.

Mrs. Trolove

Fun Family Fridays

Today we were unable to get outside and explore so we wrote some poems about … spiders. We hope it inspires you to write your own spider poem.

Fat spiders crawling quietly at midnight.
At midnight deadly spiders creeping out from caves.
Scary spiders spit on stupid prey on Sunday.
Yummy, yummy, crunchy prey.
Gotcha, now let’s hunt on Monday.
Now I can rest today.
Pointy-legged, freaky spiders
crunch and munch against their prey.
As they continue to pick and have a deadly play
in the middle of the day.
At midnight fat spiders attacking bravely.
grumpy spiders sneaking scarily under the bed.
Scruffy spiders active at midnight eating annoying insects.
I don’t know where they come from!
Ruby-Jo, Jessica and Kevin
Stripy slowly spider spins in the Spring on Sunday.

Spanish news

This week Key Stage 2 classes have been learning the days of the week in Spanish. They sang to a very catchy song and played snap with flashcards of the days. They were so resilient and picked up the new language really well!
Well done!
Mrs. Trolove

Andy Warhol Pop Art

Today we were trying to create some art in the style of Andy Warhol! During the 1960s he was one of the artists that created Pop Art. This is often seen in cartoons and comics. As you can see the group did a great job. We were originally going to explore outside but the Bank holiday rain scuppered that plan!

Professor Astro Cat

KS1 had an amazing visit from the Britten Sinfonia with their musical version of Professor Astro Cat!

It was super, we heard the trombone, viola, clarinet, piano, snare drum and glockenspiel in amazing and exciting ways! We even became musicians and accompanists ourselves!

La Oruga Muy Hambrienta

This term, Key Stage 2 classes will be learning The Hungry Caterpillar story in Spanish. Our first step this week was learning fruits and describing them. The children looked at singular and plural forms of fruits, ensuring the adjectives agreed with the fruit they were describing. eg. a red apple – una manzana roja, red apples – unas manzanas rojas.

I was so impressed with how the children persevered with this tricky bit of grammar and can’t wait to see how they progress this term!

Year 4 Water Cycle Immersion Day

Last Thursday, Year 4 had an exciting day exploring the water cycle in a variety of ways. With Miss Peyser, the children created artwork based on the water cycle and carefully chose the materials they wished to use. Mr. Carter got their brains ticking with a science challenge where they experimented with water. Mrs. Trolove led a sensory pebble session where the children explored the sounds and feel of water, pebbles and sand. With Mrs. Riddy they created their own water soundscapes and shared them with the group. Children linked the music to the water cycle, noting that joining together to play the xylophones was the same as collection. It also led to some deep thinking about water, with one child asking, ‘If we value ancient things – why don’t we value water?’ A very successful day!

Mrs. Trolove, Miss Peyser, and Mrs. Riddy.