Primary Heads & Year 6 leader Conference

Primary Heads & Year 6 Leaders working together to raise combined KS2 scores.

A wonderful day ahead, working with all friends and colleagues across Peterborough to improve KS2 combined scores.

10:00 AM: Just come in from the cold, everyone has a coffee and we are now all ready to work and learn together.




S’more news from Forest School

Chicks and Ducklings had a very exciting lesson where they experienced fire and learnt how to make S’mores! They demonstrated exceptional listening skills and followed every instruction that was given to them. All the teachers joined in and had as much fun as their children.
Other years groups learnt how to use a bow saw safely to enable them to make tree cookies and cut wood for the fire.

Fun Family Friday

This week we were looking at Pentominoes to see see how many different ones we could create. A pentomino is five squares that are joined together by at least one complete side. An example is shown below.
We discovered that although some look different they are really mirror reflections or rotations. We think there are 12. Why not have a go and see how many you can find? If you do have a go, Mr Nay would love to see your work. he also has the answers if you would like to see them.

Forest School news

With the cold weather now upon us children have been learning how to use a Bow Saw so that they can chop wood for the fire!
Some classes have changed their Forest School day so please check the list below. Please ensure that your child has a warm coat, hat and socks on for their Forest School day.








Greek Day!

On the first day back, year 5 had a special history day learning all about the Ancient Greeks! We made laurel wreaths, learnt how to write in Ancient Greek and designed and built our own Greek theatres and temples. We ended our day with a fantastic Greek feast.

A Christmas Gift

The Beetles’ class were blessed this Christmas to be given the gift of a trip to Starbucks. Mrs Riddy’s brother decided to share the spirit of Christmas and spread a little chocolaty happiness. We shared our Christmas traditions and what we are looking forward to at Christmas over our salted caramel brownie hot chocolates. We were all very thankful for this generous gift and had a wonderful start to our Christmas break.

Introducing our new School Council

After a round of applications, video manifestos and whole school voting, we are pleased to announce this year’s School Council:

Chair – Leah

Vice Chair – Presley

Treasurer – Molly

Secretary – Eiva

We have been so impressed with the level of maturity and enthusiasm from all our Year 6 candidates who applied and we look forward to working with this committee over the following year.  Congratulations!

Business & Enterprise


St John’s children, staff and myself would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and supported us with our annual Christmas Fair.

Every year the event grows from strength to strength due to a lot of hard work by our children and staff and also due to your kind support and unwavering enthusiasm.

I personally love welcoming you at the door and see your faces as you leave with arms literally full of home made crafts. On a personal note, I would also like to thank everyone for the support of my Beard Baubles and please be assured that this will bettered next year!! Who knows maybe lights!?

Merry Christmas to you all and once again thank you!

Mr Hollingsworth , all the Staff and our little entrepreneurs

Family Fun Friday

This week we drew weasels! We were inspired by Elys Dolan’s wonderful book about Weasels seeking world domination. Elys Dolan visited us two years ago and showed many of the Year 5 children how to draw weasels.

There is no Family Friday on the last week of term – but we will be back next year!

Forest School

It has been a very busy week in Forest School, all the children helped get things ready for Business and Enterprise week and their hard work was rewarded with hot chocolate – although they did have to make the fire to boil the water first! I must say a big thank you to Riverford Organic who kindly donated the vegetables for our Farmers’ Market raffle. It was very popular and the children were so excited to see dirty carrots and potatoes.
All the children have been enjoying the weather outside, the year 5s in particular found great pleasure in jumping into piles of leaves!