Primary Heads & Year 6 leader Conference

Primary Heads & Year 6 Leaders working together to raise combined KS2 scores.

A wonderful day ahead, working with all friends and colleagues across Peterborough to improve KS2 combined scores.

10:00 AM: Just come in from the cold, everyone has a coffee and we are now all ready to work and learn together.




Discovery and wonder…

Another incredibly busy week in Forest School. Carrying on from last week classes took part in pond dipping and insect hunting activities. The running total of different species in the pond is is now 22!


On Wednesday morning 3RM  discovered two Common Newts, by the afternoon 6CK had managed to locate and  catch a total of 7. Year 5 watched in delight as they witnessed the Whirligig beetle spinning around on the surface of the water while those hunting for insects managed to catch a variety of worms.


Cooking this week was a chance for the children to show off their culinary skills by making spicy cauliflower skewers,  fondue and homemade garlic bread!




Working together

This week Miss Mason and Mrs Firth were invited to visit a private preparatory school in Cheshire. They were invited to talk about all the amazing things that happen at St John’s and  to help plan ideas about how the two schools could work together.

It was an amazing experience visiting a school where parents pay £15,000 a year for each child to attend. What struck us very clearly was how much they could learn from us and what a great job we do in our school. Miss Mason spent along time working the EYFS team and they were very grateful for her knowledge and experience.

We are hoping the next part in this collaboration will be a visit from their staff to see us in action!

Can you read a map?

Today for our Family Fun Friday we took part in some orienteering. Working in pairs, the children were given a photograph of something in the school grounds (a fire alarm, piece of equipment, manhole etc) and they had to find it. Once they had found it, they had to mark its position on a map of the school. Some groups, were very competitive! Why not take a set of photos at home and challenge the family to find them?

Vivacity Book Bus visits St John’s

KS1 were excited to welcome the Book Bus to St John’s last week, children were able to enjoy sharing stories and browsing the library. The art work on the side of the bus was created by Ellie Sandall who previously worked at our school. Older children and their parents will no doubt remember her.

It was great to see that some children had signed up for a library card and could begin using it straight away.  Many thanks to Mrs Ross for organising it!


Celebration of data!

The school are pleased to share some really positive news with regards to the school’s data. With the use of PIXL, we have been able to compare our children’s recent scores with a national average across the other PIXL schools in the country, in maths, reading and grammar and punctuation. The staff and children’s hard work has meant that in the majority of areas of learning we are meeting or exceeding the national average. We are excited to continue to see and support the children in making exceptional progress.

Mr Knowling – Raising Standards Leader



A BIG thank you to all of you who supported this worthwhile charity event, by either buying the official merchandise, baking cakes and biscuits for the bake sale or bringing in spare change.  Everyone really got into the spirit and the whole school was a sea of red!  The children had great fun at playtime, taking part in all the exciting games and activities – from scooter relay races to making friendship bracelets and netball shootout to crossbar challenge – the School Council proved themselves to be mature and responsible in getting the whole day organised.  There was some critical thinking taking place in the afternoon with our board game challenges and we are looking forward to hearing how much money we raised!
Competition winners
Guess the Sweets in the Jar – Presley Yr 6
KS1 drawing competition – Zara Yr 2
KS2 drawing competition – Bobby Yr 3
Treasure Hunt – Tulisa Yr 3

A scientific approach to Forest School

As it has been Science Week we have concentrated our outdoor learning on habitats, life cycles and living and growing. EYFS and KS1 have spent their time learning about the life cycle of worms and went on a soil and worm investigation. There were many squeals of delight when someone found a worm and many could identify it as an adult worm or a juvenile worm.
KS2 focused on exploring habitats of common insects and investigated what was living in the pond. So far, we have found 15 different species including Water Mites, Greater Water Boatmen, Lesser Water Boatmen, Hydras, a variety of Molluscs, a variety of worms and Stonefly Nymphs. Year 5 and 6 have also reported sightings of a rather large spider roaming around the garden!!
Cooking this week was challenging due to the strong winds but we persevered and managed to make our own pasta and filling for a chicken lasagne.

Spring has sprung!

This week we were outside in the sunshine which is always a treat! We were looking for signs of Spring. Officially Spring isn’t for a few weeks but already there is plenty of evidence for our group to find. We couldn’t find many insects or minibeasts or tree blossom but found everything else. Why not explore your neighbourhood for signs of Spring?