Mrs C Firth – Headteacher

The twelve years that I have worked at St Johns have been the most professionally and personally satisfying of my career.

Having started out as the Deputy Head and Year 6 teacher, I became the acting Head Teacher in January 2006 and was appointed permanent Head the following September.  Now as the Executive Head I have overall responsibility for both St Johns and Winyates; a role with significant challenges, but one I enjoy immensely.  The partnership between these two schools has been hugely successful; we learn from each other, collaborate towards joint successes and the healthy competition between Winyates and St John’s has been a strong element in our continued academic and sporting success.  The children at our school are some of the most talented and brilliant students in Peterborough, striving to be the best and to do the best they can.  Of course they are taught by some of the most gifted teachers in Peterborough and supported by wonderfully able assistants who make a huge contribution to learning.

Our staff are thankful every day that they work in such a caring, courageous school where every child has a gift and is a gift.

Reflecting on the progress and successes that we have achieved through the hard work and dedication of the whole school community since 2002, I am proud to have my name above the door and to be able to say that St John’s truly is a place where Together We Grow and Learn.

Mrs Foster – Head of School

I am very excited to be taking on the role of ‘Head of School’ at St. John’s this year and am really looking forward to working with all the children, staff, parents and carers. Having been at Winyates for 6 years, working alongside Mrs Firth and the leadership team, I feel that I am in a very privileged position to begin this new role with prior knowledge of St. John’s. I have a passion for teaching and learning and have taught in all year groups from Y1-Y6 before becoming Head of School at Winyates. I have a keen interest in maths and feel strongly that no child should ever feel like maths is ‘not for them’ – a phrase I have heard too many times, from many adults.

Mrs K Harwood – Deputy School Leader

I feel very lucky to be part of the team here at St John’s after teaching for 15 years in Northamptonshire.

Our aim is that children can talk frankly and openly about all their learning, we hope that they are able to reflect on the process as well as on their individual progress. We encourage the children to build up resilience for when the ‘going gets tough’; as it should do if we are to challenge, motivate and help them grow into independent learners.

I am lucky enough to be able to regularly visit all classes, looking through children’s work as well as having the opportunity to talk with them about what they are learning and how they are learning. Working with all the staff here is easy as they are a team of dedicated professionals, always striving to ensure that all children receive the best education possible.

I am excited about what my future career at St John’s has in store and look forward to getting to know as many of the wonderful children, and their families, here at St John’s as I can.

Mr O Hurford – Assistant School Leader

I am really excited to be joining the school in September as Assistant Head and Year 1 teacher. I have already been into the school and met the amazing children, I was especially impressed with how polite and well mannered they were and what struck me as I walked around was their enthusiasm to learn and better themselves. Currently I have been teaching for 8 years, so have gained lots of experience that I hope to bring to St John’s to help it become even better.

I look forward to working with the children and their families to help them grow and reach their potential, both educationally and socially.

Mrs Kornfeld – Assistant School Leader


I joined St. John’s 5 years ago as Assistant School Leader, and my role has evolved as the school relocated to its lovely new building, as I have developed as a leader, but most importantly, as I got to know the children and their needs.

Working with the other staff at St. John’s is made easy, as we share the same Christian Values, goals and ethos. It really is like working with family, as we all learn and grow together. This year, one of my main leadership responsibilities is to support teaching and learning. Nothing new there, as this has always been a focus of my role. However, this year, we have introduced an exciting new way of planning. Each teacher has been given a specially designed planning book to enable them to plan in a way that incorporates all of the essential teaching ingredients. This allows staff to build in even more interesting opportunities for success and challenge for your child in the classroom! All of our teaching is child-centred, which means that we are constantly thinking about the best way that your child, as an individual, can learn and develop. We use a wide range of teaching methods, and are constantly reflecting on our practise. I am working closely with teachers this year, monitoring how effective their teaching is, and supporting them, where necessary, to improve the learning experience for every child in school. It’s going to be an exciting year!



Mr Hollingsworth – Business & Innovation Manager

I moved to St John’s Church school 8 years ago, when I decided I wanted to be part of primary education. I hoped that my move would immerse me in the world of primary teaching and learning so that I could focus my skills and improve my knowledge of ICT in education.

The moment I set foot in St John’s I felt connected, a sense of belonging that I can honestly say I have never felt before. The vibrancy of the school, the wonderful children and dedicated staff, make St John’s something to believe in.

Initially my main role was to support the school’s ICT and develop St Johns to become a Centre of Digital excellence. Soon after I started we all achieved the ICT mark, a prestigious award that recognises whole school excellence in ICT. Since then we have continued to evolve ICT in the school, looking forward to the new ‘Computing’ curriculum starting September 2014. We now provide and rich and vibrant provision of ICT that supports teaching and learning across the school and acts as a hub of excellence around Peterborough.

Over the past two years I have seen my role evolve, which has been wonderful for me. I have taught year 5 computing and loved every minute. I have been working hard with my Enrichment group, learning wonderful new IT skills and developing their skills in ICT. I have also started a programming club, or ‘Scratch Club’ as it is known, which I have seen grow from the original two children to nearly twenty!

We are now in  the new building . This is a new beginning in many ways for St John’s but with the old heart beating at the core. I know I am looking forward to many more happy years at St John’s, working with the wonderful community that we are blessed to be part of.