Fun Family Fridays

Today we were unable to get outside and explore so we wrote some poems about … spiders. We hope it inspires you to write your own spider poem.

Fat spiders crawling quietly at midnight.
At midnight deadly spiders creeping out from caves.
Scary spiders spit on stupid prey on Sunday.
Yummy, yummy, crunchy prey.
Gotcha, now let’s hunt on Monday.
Now I can rest today.
Pointy-legged, freaky spiders
crunch and munch against their prey.
As they continue to pick and have a deadly play
in the middle of the day.
At midnight fat spiders attacking bravely.
grumpy spiders sneaking scarily under the bed.
Scruffy spiders active at midnight eating annoying insects.
I don’t know where they come from!
Ruby-Jo, Jessica and Kevin
Stripy slowly spider spins in the Spring on Sunday.