Did you know?

…that St John’s Church School offer School Network Support services?

We have been support schools with their ICT technical requirements and Computing curriculum requirements for 9 years. We have 20 clients in the Peterborough area, many of which have been with us for those 9 years.

But why chose us to support your ICT ?

  • St John’s has the ICT Mark
  • We are uniquely Primary
  • Support that makes your vision a reality
  • Support with a human touch
  • Saving you money & time through effective procurement
  • Access to ICT excellence
  • Support that empowers and inspires
  • In-house training
  • A community of learners
  • Support that realises the importance of teaching & learning
  • Tried and tested E Safety support and hosted provision
  • Apple VPP & MDM support – managing your devices
  • Google Apps Support – GAFE

A holistic approach to supporting you, on your journey to ICT excellence.

If you are interested in our ICT support provision please call me directly:

Simon Hollingsworth

Business & Innovation Manager
07951 707 698