Mrs Kornfeld – Assistant School Leader


I joined St. John’s 5 years ago as Assistant School Leader, and my role has evolved as the school relocated to its lovely new building, as I have developed as a leader, but most importantly, as I got to know the children and their needs.

Working with the other staff at St. John’s is made easy, as we share the same Christian Values, goals and ethos. It really is like working with family, as we all learn and grow together. This year, one of my main leadership responsibilities is to support teaching and learning. Nothing new there, as this has always been a focus of my role. However, this year, we have introduced an exciting new way of planning. Each teacher has been given a specially designed planning book to enable them to plan in a way that incorporates all of the essential teaching ingredients. This allows staff to build in even more interesting opportunities for success and challenge for your child in the classroom! All of our teaching is child-centred, which means that we are constantly thinking about the best way that your child, as an individual, can learn and develop. We use a wide range of teaching methods, and are constantly reflecting on our practise. I am working closely with teachers this year, monitoring how effective their teaching is, and supporting them, where necessary, to improve the learning experience for every child in school. It’s going to be an exciting year!