Food for Life in Action!

Thank you so much for all of your support in developing healthier habits for our children. We are very close to being able to submit our application for the Bronze Award and hope to have achieved this, and be working towards the Silver Award by the end of this year. Working with the ‘Food For life’ group has meant that we are becoming even better in ensuring that children have the very best conditions for learning in school.
As a reminder, the changes for healthier lifestyles we have made are:
  • ¬†Our school dinners contain more vegetables and provide a well-balanced meal.
  • School meals are freshly prepared and cooked onsite in our kitchen (at least 75% are cooked from scratch).
  • Milk and water is available for all children to drink at lunchtimes.
  • Children have water only as their drink throughout the school day in their bottles. This is much healthier for children’s teeth and reduces their sugar and sweetener intake throughout the day. For children who are not used to drinking plain water yet, chopped up fruit can be added to flavour the water, there are special bottles available which are great for this, with a ‘core’ for the fruit (lemon, orange, cucumber and strawberry have been firm favourites so far!).
  • Only fresh fruit and vegetables are eaten as snacks at break time and the tuck shop is well stocked with a good range of these throughout the week.
  • The fruit juice served at breakfast club is 100% fruit and mixed with 50% water. Sugar is no longer added to cereals in breakfast club.
We are looking for parents to join our ‘Food Council’ group, who are working on the new school food policy, which should be with you soon. Please let either me or Mrs Henson know if you would like to be part of this, working alongside children and staff on our journey forwards towards even healthier lifestyles!