• Fruit Buddies

    Our fruit buddy competition for Health Week is a great success...

  • Fruit Buddies

    Our fruit buddy competition for Health Week is a great success...

  • Fly the Flag

    Four of our Arts' Team members take part in the Commonwealth celebrations...

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What's been happening at St John's

  • At this time of year it is great to think that so many of my year 6 will be going on to great things. All of them equiped for the next challenge, our Christian values at the forefront they take with them in their hearts a little piece of us!

    Mrs Kornfeld - 06/07/2015
  • How amazing to be in our new school, I have loved walking round and feeling the buzz of something new. I've been thinking a lot about how we came to be in this new school and what we do with it so that it really makes a difference for all of us.



    Mrs Firth - 7.7.15
  • It has been a joy to read so many fantastic digital reports, I have been so pleased with everyones progress. Our children are so reflective and thoughtful.


    Mrs Moore - 7.7.15
  • I am so proud of all our children. They have worked so very hard, forming their teams, creating their business vision, working out their money and then creating their products! This week has been full of learning and fun! Cannot wait to see them all standing behind their stalls this afternoon, hope to see you all there too! Go St John's Business boys and girls!

    See you all soon :o)

    Mr Hollingsworth - 04/12/2014
  • We have been talking a lot about being "together" finding a place to belong. St John's is an amazing place to be and it is everyone responsibility to make sure it stays that way.

    Mrs Firth - 27/11/14
  • Make sure your children are E-Safe at all times. You can find lots of interesting and helpful resources here. You can also make an appointment to see me , should you need any support with E-Safety, please do make an appointment to see me.

    Mr Hollingsworth - 26/11/2014
  • Don't forget that our Christmas Fair is on next week!. 

    Mr Hollingsworth - 25/11/2014
  • Just found this great parenting guide from the City Council, well worth a look!.


    Mr Hollingsworth - 20/11/2014
  • Spent the morning looking at childrens English books. Lovely to see so many imaginative pieces of writing. I think our children in year 2 are ready for some joining up in handwriting.

    great news

    Mrs Firth - 19.11.14
  • I really loved Mr Nay's team's Collective Worship this morning, he is right it can be challenging to stand up for what you believe. Its good to ask God to help us do that. Maybe some of you could go to prayer group on Tuesdays to get some help.

    Mrs Firth - 19.11.14
  • I am so excited about winning the Peterborough Rugby Finals. Well done to Miss Bonner and her team sounds like they played amazingly.


    Mrs Firth - 14.10.14
  • There were some really special moments of courage yesterday during the visit from Image Musical Theatre. I was so proud of everyone who took part on stage and in the audience. 

    Mrs Kornfeld - 13/10/14
  • I'm really looking forward to hearing some children read this week. I'm sure parents are enjoying hearing their children too!

    Mrs Firth - 14.10.14
  • After school, I helped out at football club run by some local students. Our children were so enthusiastic and talked excitedly afterwards about how they couldn't have succeeded without teamwork. One child even referred to last week's Christian Value focus of wholeness. Fantastic! 

    Mrs Kornfeld - 23.9.14
  • I loved being outside at lunchtime today and chatting to all the new reception children.

    Mrs Kornfeld - 04.09.14
  • What a superb Collective Worship this morning... Well done for remembering about 'washing feet' and linking this to things we can do for our friends.

    Miss Bowles - 04.09.14
  • What a wonderful Collective Worship today! The children really inspired me with their knowledge of our Chirstian values and how they're going to put them into action this week. Can't wait to see the hearts at the end of the week.

    Mrs Firth - 02/09/2014
  • I really enjoyed seeing the children playing last week with all the small world toys at lunchtime. It was great to hear their imaginations running wild!!

    Mrs Firth - 01/06/2014
  • I am delighted to have received this email of appreciation, from Fulbridge Academy. It is an absolute pleasure working with you all.
    click here

    Mr Hollingsworth - 04/07/2014
  • Fantastic Scratch Club session today. A mix of programming, architecutral drawing and digital music sequencing. Blown away!

    Mr Hollingsworth - 01/06/2014
  • WOW!! We are Orton Sports winners for the 7th time, winning by 34 points!! Fantastic results, worth all that training and hard work. 
    Thanks Miss Bonner

    Mrs Firth - 19/06/14
  • I heard loads of children read today which was fantastic. Keep reading at home!

    Mrs Firth - 19/06/14
  • Orton sports winners, fantastic. reminds me of my running days as a girl!

    Mrs Moore - 19/06/14
  • We have made some changes to our Website. You will be able to keep up on all of the school events here in our new 'School Info' feed.

    Mr Hollingsworth - 01/06/2014
  • Had a wonderful lunch with the year 5 girls today, we really enjoyed talking about the fun maths that they had been doing this morning. Keep up the good work

    Mrs Firth - 26.09.14

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