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What's been happening at St John's

  • I am delighted to have received this email of appreciation, from Fulbridge Academy. It is an absolute pleasure working with you all.
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    Mr Hollingsworth - 04/07/2014
  • Fantastic Scratch Club session today. A mix of programming, architecutral drawing and digital music sequencing. Blown away!

    Mr Hollingsworth - 01/06/2014
  • WOW!! We are Orton Sports winners for the 7th time, winning by 34 points!! Fantastic results, worth all that training and hard work. 
    Thanks Miss Bonner

    Mrs Firth - 19/06/14
  • I heard loads of children read today which was fantastic. Keep reading at home!

    Mrs Firth - 19/06/14
  • Orton sports winners, fantastic. reminds me of my running days as a girl!

    Mrs Moore - 19/06/14
  • I really enjoyed seeing the children playing last week with all the small world toys at lunchtime. It was great to hear their imaginations running wild!!

    Mrs Firth - 01/06/2014
  • We have made some changes to our Website. You will be able to keep up on all of the school events here in our new 'School Info' feed.

    Mr Hollingsworth - 01/06/2014

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