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Reception Curriculum Information


Reception Curriculum Overview


At St Johns our Reception team are very excited to be teaching your children the early stages of reading and writing in a fun and stimulating approach. We follow an enriched Scheme called Read Write Inc as our daily phonic sessions. We are starting our phonic sessions in Week 3 of this Autumn term.

Here is the link to help you support your child in Reading and Writing including demonstrations on how to pronounce the speed sounds in a pure way.

Read, Write, Inc.

WOW Writing!

You can help your child to develop their writing with a variety of fun activities. Your child to become a successful writer they need to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Here are some ideas to support their fine motor activities at home:

Some more ideas:

  • Using large paintbrushes and water outside on the ground.
  • Using fingers in shaving foam or paint. (Can get a little messy, so don’t forget an apron!)
  • Writing using different tools eg chalk, pastel, crayons, pencils, pens.
  • Using playdough and squeezy soft balls- this will help to develop strength in the hands.
  • Using tools and scissors- this will help to develop control and strengthen the fingers.
  • Using giant tweezers and pegs – this will help to develop the pincer grip to hold a pencil
  • monkey bars- this will help to develop upper body strength.

Cursive Writing

In reception and throughout the school we promote cursive writing. Children in Reception will be learning how to write their letters using the Read, Write, Inc rhymes. Below is each cursive letter: