Stone Age Discovery

On 1st October, Year 3 went on a Stone Age visit to Ferry Meadows. During this time we made Stone Age huts; which involved moving huge branches as a team. We also learnt to make fire using a fire striker and collected lots of different natural materials to create artwork, just like a Stone Age person would of done. Last but not least, we explored the natural surroundings and discovered all different types of bugs and minibeasts.  We had a brilliant day!

Ferry Meadows

On 8th May, Year 6 spent a sunny day in Ferry Meadows to give them some much needed relaxation before their SATs.  Children who have been attending Forest School led a variety of activities, including a nature alphabet hunt and memory game.  We had time to spend on Badger Park with an ice lolly before walking back to school.  The children had a wonderful time and are now fully prepared for next week!