Forest School

It has been a very busy week in Forest School, all the children helped get things ready for Business and Enterprise week and their hard work was rewarded with hot chocolate – although they did have to make the fire to boil the water first! I must say a big thank you to Riverford Organic who kindly donated the vegetables for our Farmers’ Market raffle. It was very popular and the children were so excited to see dirty carrots and potatoes.
All the children have been enjoying the weather outside, the year 5s in particular found great pleasure in jumping into piles of leaves!

Viking Longship at St John’s

An important part of the Forest School sessions each class in St Johns
have every week is to allow for natural Free Play. This allows
children to  use their creativity and develop their imagination,
dexterity, and other strengths. It also helped them to practice
decision-making skills and try on different roles within a group.

This week 4DR used their forest school session to build a viking
Longship out of Pallets and Sticks!

Training for excellence!

St John’s and Winyates’ staff had a packed two days of training at the beginning of this Autumn term. They used their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) alongside bags of creativity to work collaboratively in order to solve a problem posed to them.

The experience allowed them to appreciate the skills required by children in their class as we begin our journey to being a partnership of schools which offer excellent STEM teaching.

In addition to this, as all children this year will be involved in Forest School work to develop independence, teamwork and empathy skills, teachers and TAs were able to immerse themselves in Forest School activities. They took part in a blindfold challenge, climbed trees, learnt how to whittle, use bow saws, how to build a den and create art using natural materials!

Forest school art

Artwork using natural materials

Collaboration and teamwork

Living art!

Creativity using our natural environment

Working in teams to create something unique

Beauty in nature

Forest floor artwork

Whittling away!

Deep in concentration

Up in the trees!

Engineering skills put to the test!

Solving problems together

Reception are ‘eggscellent’

Going for Gold!

Since starting Forest School in September I have introduced the children at St. John’s to the Woodland Trust’s ‘Green Tree Schools’ award. It is a four tier award programme and we have participated in hands on activities and learning opportunities which gain us points towards each level. All the activities encourage them to explore and care for our natural world. Some of the things we have done include planting tress, creating habitats for animals and understanding the impact humans have on the natural world.

I am so pleased to have reached the third tier of Gold and even more proud of the commitment the children have made to the award. I know that as we work towards the platinum award the children will continue to develop a deeper understanding of the environment and how they can make a difference.

Mrs Henson

We are a Green Tree School!