Andy Warhol Pop Art

Today we were trying to create some art in the style of Andy Warhol! During the 1960s he was one of the artists that created Pop Art. This is often seen in cartoons and comics. As you can see the group did a great job. We were originally going to explore outside but the Bank holiday rain scuppered that plan!

Can you read a map?

Today for our Family Fun Friday we took part in some orienteering. Working in pairs, the children were given a photograph of something in the school grounds (a fire alarm, piece of equipment, manhole etc) and they had to find it. Once they had found it, they had to mark its position on a map of the school. Some groups, were very competitive! Why not take a set of photos at home and challenge the family to find them?

Spring has sprung!

This week we were outside in the sunshine which is always a treat! We were looking for signs of Spring. Officially Spring isn’t for a few weeks but already there is plenty of evidence for our group to find. We couldn’t find many insects or minibeasts or tree blossom but found everything else. Why not explore your neighbourhood for signs of Spring?

Family Fun Friday

This week we had a great time playing board games, some old some new!

We are increasing our numbers which is great. As you can see it was not only the children who enjoyed themselves. It brought back happy memories for some adults. Board games are a great way to pass an hour or two with the rest of the family and friends. Greg also provided us with some food. Mrs Makansi didn’t join in the fun this week.