Orton Wistow Primary School have accessed St John’s Digital Learning Support for the last three years. Thankfully, with their support, our old ICT system and infrastructure is a dim and distant memory!

Having decided to appoint an external ICT provider, we researched best practice in other local schools and soon decided that St John’s Digital Learning Support could help us take the next steps in our ICT provision. Our previous system was a mishmash of hardware that served as our server and our ICT system was temperamental and unreliable. Thanks to their timely and insightful support, we replaced our server with a CC4 Server and rewired the school to meet our changing needs. We have enjoyed a very close relationship with both Simon and Meena, who have been our main points of contact, and have welcomed their calm, consistent approach whenever things haven’t gone according to plan.

The last few years have seen a rapid change in our provision, including new laptops for staff, iPads and netbooks for pupils, iBoards in classrooms as well as a new emails system, Portico remote access and a Meraki wireless network. In advance of each of these projects, we consulted with St John’s Digital Learning Support and asked them to research and recommend a future proof solution to our needs, enabling us to keep ahead in this rapidly changing area.

St John’s have also been able to tailor their level of support to meet our needs and to offer a competitive charging structure. Our weekly visit of three hours has enabled us to keep on top of any ICT issues. There is far less fire fighting as we now have a robust ICT infrastructure and the future is looking bright.

Simon Eardley
Orton Wistow Primary School