Science Day at Oundle School

On Thursday last week, a group of lucky Year 5 pupils attended Oundle School for the day for a special Science Day. The children had a fantastic day and came back to school so excited to share what they had experienced.

‘My favourite part of the trip was making our DNA and putting it in a necklace’ – Molly
‘The best trip I’ve ever been on! Now I have my DNA-filled necklace because of it’ – Nicholas S
‘The activity that I will always remember is biology because it was really fun when we made our own necklaces with our own DNA inside. Also, I will always have the necklace near me!’ – Michalina

On Thursday 10th of May, Year 3 went to Cambridge to visit both the Science Centre and the Botanical Gardens. In the gardens they enjoyed strolling through a variety of different areas; the scents’ garden was a favourite – one of the plants smelled like lemon sherbet! They had time to do some sketching of plants or leaves they’d seen – some even drew the beautiful fountain we came across.

At the Science Centre the children took part in a workshop called ‘You are what you eat’. First they arranged foods into food groups that they recoginised, then we focused on protein. Using beads as an example, they explored proteins and how they are made up of different amino acids.

The children and adults all had a wonderful day and the children represented the school exceptional well. Thank you again to our volunteers on the day who helped us make this trip the success it was.​

New lunchtime clubs

This week we have started new lunchtime clubs in our ‘club lounge’ and the children are very excited to learn new skills.  Today Mr Haddon taught science – and the wonders of friction – to a group of Reception and Year 3 children.  Keep your eyes peeled for more photos over the coming days.