Year 3 at Stibbington!

Last week, Year 3 were very excited to go on a residential trip to Stibbington. During the week, they enjoyed participating in lots of thrilling outdoor activities (despite the cold weather). This included winning pirate treasure during a thoughtful process of map reading and solving clues, to engaging in experiments at the River Nene. Year 3 now know vocabulary like tributary and floodplains, having learnt lots about rivers. In addition to the outdoor activities, they took part in teams to solve problems, learnt about sustainable lifestyles and took turns getting ready for dinner at the Crunch Carrot Café.

Wow! What a jam-packed residential we had, and we were so lucky with the weather! Both residential and day trip children had an exciting day on Wednesday, going down to the River Nene for one session, and exploring rivers at the centre during another. At the river, we conducted an experiment to see whether an apple would travel faster towards the edge or along the centre of the river, the children made predictions and a lot were pleased that theirs matched the results. At the centre, children learned more facts about rivers, drew their own rivers and labelled them in sand and picked out key parts of the local area on a map. The day culminated with singing, games and a story around the campfire – with some very funny voices from Mr. Hunt!

On Thursday we visited an old, unused quarry to explore limestone and look for fossils. We had some eagle-eyed fossil finders amongst our group, picking out patterns in the rock and getting so excited at what they found! While we were there we took some time to think about how weathering affects rocks, even doing a bit of acting to show how it happens! After a delicious pizza and sandwiches lunch, we spent the afternoon at the centre, measuring and comparing trees in the grounds, creating our own plant pots from newspaper and making a clay model of our favourite leaf we found that day.

Our last day focused on map reading skills and a treasure hunt! We learned about coordinates and compass points before setting off on our treasure hunt around a lake at the nature reserve.

Throughout the trip the children represented the school brilliantly. They were polite, friendly and a pleasure to spend time with. Even through the mud and cold weather, the children persevered and enjoyed every minute! I am sure this experience will stay with them, as it will all the staff who went with them.

Mrs. Trolove, Mr. Hunt, Miss Black and Mr. Mucklin