Year 3 Roman Day

This week Year 3 enjoyed coming to school dressed as either Romans or Celts. They participated in various activities during the day such as: catapult creations, designing Roman shields, reenacting the story of Boudicca and crafting their own Roman mosaics.

We were also pleased to see the effort that everyone has put into producing different Roman projects over the Easter holidays.

St John’s bring home a 1st place

On Monday, April 1st, St John’s Church School sent two teams of 7 girls and boys from Year 3 and 4 to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to participate in a netball tournament. Students on both teams were all fairly new to the sport but all were keen to learn and participate. Both teams showed wonderful leadership as well as great sportsmanship. The day ended with St John’s bringing home a 1st place medal as well as a 3rd place finish, a spectacular result,  with students showing an astounding representation of our school!

Year 3 at Stibbington!

Last week, Year 3 were very excited to go on a residential trip to Stibbington. During the week, they enjoyed participating in lots of thrilling outdoor activities (despite the cold weather). This included winning pirate treasure during a thoughtful process of map reading and solving clues, to engaging in experiments at the River Nene. Year 3 now know vocabulary like tributary and floodplains, having learnt lots about rivers. In addition to the outdoor activities, they took part in teams to solve problems, learnt about sustainable lifestyles and took turns getting ready for dinner at the Crunch Carrot Café.

Stone Age Discovery

On 1st October, Year 3 went on a Stone Age visit to Ferry Meadows. During this time we made Stone Age huts; which involved moving huge branches as a team. We also learnt to make fire using a fire striker and collected lots of different natural materials to create artwork, just like a Stone Age person would of done. Last but not least, we explored the natural surroundings and discovered all different types of bugs and minibeasts.  We had a brilliant day!

The year 3 children have been studying Rangoli Art, it’s history, colour and pattern.
Whilst we enjoyed being in the studio using traditional salt techniques it was much more fun to be in the sunshine working with chalks on a much bigger scale.
— Rangoli Art

On Thursday 10th of May, Year 3 went to Cambridge to visit both the Science Centre and the Botanical Gardens. In the gardens they enjoyed strolling through a variety of different areas; the scents’ garden was a favourite – one of the plants smelled like lemon sherbet! They had time to do some sketching of plants or leaves they’d seen – some even drew the beautiful fountain we came across.

At the Science Centre the children took part in a workshop called ‘You are what you eat’. First they arranged foods into food groups that they recoginised, then we focused on protein. Using beads as an example, they explored proteins and how they are made up of different amino acids.

The children and adults all had a wonderful day and the children represented the school exceptional well. Thank you again to our volunteers on the day who helped us make this trip the success it was.​