Year 4 receive Arts Award!

The Year 4s received a rather lovely surprise in the post this week! For their participation and completion of work during the Peterborough Sings – Songs of the Musicals’ day, each child has received a certificate. This certificate is for completing the Discover level of the Arts Award, and has been awarded to them by Trinity College London. This is a marvellous achievement for our Year 4s and they should feel incredibly proud, as we are!
Mrs Trolove, Ms Riddy, Miss Peyser.

Foxton Locks’ Trip

It may have been a bit wet outside, but Year 4 still had a fantastic time at Foxton Locks on Thursday 13th June. We took a walk to see the famous ten locks, visited the museum and learnt about canal boat families while we were there. The staff there put on an absolutely marvellous day for us, we are so grateful to them.
Mrs. Trolove

Foxton Locks visitors

To prepare for our trip next Thursday, Year 4 welcomed visitors from Foxton Locks. They completed several activities and learned about how to stay safe near the water. It was a really great morning and got the children really excited about their upcoming trip!

Year 4 Water Cycle Immersion Day

Last Thursday, Year 4 had an exciting day exploring the water cycle in a variety of ways. With Miss Peyser, the children created artwork based on the water cycle and carefully chose the materials they wished to use. Mr. Carter got their brains ticking with a science challenge where they experimented with water. Mrs. Trolove led a sensory pebble session where the children explored the sounds and feel of water, pebbles and sand. With Mrs. Riddy they created their own water soundscapes and shared them with the group. Children linked the music to the water cycle, noting that joining together to play the xylophones was the same as collection. It also led to some deep thinking about water, with one child asking, ‘If we value ancient things – why don’t we value water?’ A very successful day!

Mrs. Trolove, Miss Peyser, and Mrs. Riddy.

St John’s bring home a 1st place

On Monday, April 1st, St John’s Church School sent two teams of 7 girls and boys from Year 3 and 4 to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to participate in a netball tournament. Students on both teams were all fairly new to the sport but all were keen to learn and participate. Both teams showed wonderful leadership as well as great sportsmanship. The day ended with St John’s bringing home a 1st place medal as well as a 3rd place finish, a spectacular result,  with students showing an astounding representation of our school!

Honey Bees Reward

During our end of term celebration, 4AP were nominated by staff throughout the school for ALWAYS being responsible, respectful and ready to learn. Consequently, we thoroughly enjoyed an extra playtime on Friday afternoon (we especially liked beating Miss Peyser in EVERY game).

The Honey Bees

Ely Cathedral

On 3rd October, Year 4 visited the beautiful Ely cathedral. It was lovely to see how amazed the children were by the sheer size of the cathedral and its splendid design. When we arrived, we were treated to a performance detailing World War 1, after which we split into groups to attend varied workshops. Each class took part in two workshops including; meeting a British soldier, singing, looking at and making their own propaganda posters, remembrance and creating silhouettes. To complete the day, all of the visiting schools gathered in the Octagon for a collective worship, including a prayer and silence for those who fought and died in the war. It was an enjoyable day and the children represented the school proudly.

Year 4 visit Mountfitchet Castle

“We had the best time at Mountfitchet Castle, learning all about the Vikings and how they lived. We were able to go inside Viking houses and we even put ourselves in the stocks! We learned all about how the Vikings cruelly tortured people and we really enjoyed feeding and stroking all the live animals that roamed the castle. The best part though, was using a huge catapult and getting the teachers soaked!” Elisa and Nazeefah – Honey Bees