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As environmentalists, EYFS will demonstrate service and wholeness by taking part in litter picks to keep their local environment clean and tidy. As their knowledge of God’s creatures and their habitats grow, they will understand the importance of caring for others, morality and humility. Throughout the term they will show hope and love to themselves, their peers and the adults around them by playing games to develop their emotional intelligence to enable them to identify their emotions. As learners they will show courage as they embark on using a variety of tools for the first time.


These new experiences will increase their self-worth and teach responsibility. They will explore their creativity by using natural materials to make art, sculpture and musical instruments. Learners will be independent when dressing for FS.


They will explore the outside world at their own pace and will be able to verbally express what they like doing outside and give explanations for their choices. Gross and fine motor skills will improve for all learners due to their use of logs, tyres, den building equipment and the use of a variety of tools.


Word count will increase due to being exposed to technical language, new experiences and equipment. Social and emotional development will see them being challenged by the introduction of unfamiliar equipment, fire and cooking experiences.


As they become more aware of the world around them they will understand how important they are in the world and how to be responsible for themselves and others. Games will be introduced to give opportunities to recognise and manage feelings and emotions. To embed their learning in class, learners will regularly collect litter for recycling and explore habitats, trees and plants and recognise the changes within each season. 

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