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Year 6


Curiculum Overview

As environmentalists, Year 6 will reflect on how people showed hope and belonging during World War 2 and apply it to their own lives by looking to live a more sustainable life.


They will understand that they too can make a difference by adopting a ‘Make do and Mend’ approach by upcycling and repairing unwanted items.


hey will also continue to show service to the community by growing vegetables and plants which they will sell to raise money for their end of year activities. As they try to spread the message on sustainability they will host a community ‘Clothes Swap’ to educate people on ‘Fast Fashion’.


To facilitate healthy relationships and caring for others, learners will play games in small groups and as a class, the main focus being on how and why they feel a certain way. Learners will be independent when dressing for FS. They will take full responsibility for an area which they have developed and maintained over the term.


As a cohort they will work independently, in small groups and as a class. They will demonstrate respect for the natural world and understand as individuals how they have a responsibility to look after the environment. As they explore the topic of World War 2 they will make links to the present day and identify way in which they can make an impact on the world; grow vegetables to sell to parents at the end of term and understand and put in to practice ‘Make do and Mend’. Also, towards the end of term they will host a ‘Clothes Swap’ in school to prevent items going to landfill. 


They will routinely be pushed out of their comfort zone with challenges and working with peer’s from outside their friendship group. Learners should be making links between classroom learning and difficulties they have faced in Forest School sessions.

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