The children will experience a good balance between the basic skills and the practical application of mathematics. We think it is very important that the children have a sound basis of number skills which will include encouraging the children to use number bonds, the application of tables and short, quick mental arithmetic work.  We also encourage the children to put these learned skills to use in reasoning investigations  and problem solving activities. The children will be taught in a   variety of situations and will be encouraged to see how their mathematics can be used in the real world.  We will also try to provide a broad range of equipment, materials and books for the children to use in mathematics.

Alongside approximately an hour a day in mathematics, children have the opportunity to take part in ‘Magic Maths’ – a fun and interactive way for pupils to keep up to date with skills from across the curriculum, to think deeply about mathematical concepts and to develop their fluency.

There are a variety of maths websites that pupils can access at home to help them develop their understanding further. Children often enjoy accessing these in school, and they include:

Top marks

Maths games

(where pupils from Year 2 onwards, have their own username and password available from your child’s class teacher)

My maths
(pupils can log in to the site, username and password is available from your child’s class teacher)