I first wanted to be a teacher when I spent the summer holidays helping my dad in his school, getting his classroom ready! I would boss all the pretend children around and write on the blackboard loudly! I have been so lucky to meet some very exciting people in my life and each one of them inspires me to be the best version of myself that I can!  We have a wonderful school and I feel very proud that over the last seventeen years I have helped the school to be the place it is now.


MDP_0644 copy.jpg
Mrs C Firth

Executive Head

MDP_0644 copy.jpg
Mrs C Firth

Executive Head

I first wanted to be a teacher when I spent the summer holidays helping my dad in his school, getting his classroom ready! I would boss all the pretend children around and write on the blackboard loudly! I have been so lucky to meet some very exciting people in my life and each one of them inspires me to be the best version of myself that I can!  We have a wonderful school and I feel very proud that over the last seventeen years I have helped the school to be the place it is now.


Teaching Year 6

Sophie Ross.jpg

My inspiration for teaching is the belief that education has the greatest power to change lives. I relished all of my time spent in education, from school to university and now in my work. I hope that I can help children to have the same experience as me and go on to develop a lifelong love of learning.


Mrs S Ross

Year 6 Teacher and Assistant Head

Lauren Embery2.jpg

Year 6 Teacher

Miss L Embery

As a child, I used to constantly play 'schools' where my dolls would be the students and I would be the teacher. I was determined it was what I would be when I was older. I think children and young people are the best people to be around. They have curious, fascinating minds and are full of energy and creativity. In school, I hated failing and my confidence was knocked so easily. I hope that as a teacher, I have learnt from this and can help support children to be resilient problem solvers who understand that being challenged and making mistakes is all part of learning! I feel lucky to spend every Monday- Friday living my dream from when I was a little girl. 

Gareth Jelleyman.jpg

I feel immensely lucky to have achieved my childhood dream of playing professional football. I dedicated vast amounts of time, sweat and tears to realise this dream. This experience has supported my hunger to inspire the next generation to aim for the stars, as I believe, anything is possible when you work hard. Being a teacher fills me with enormous pride. Knowing I am having a positive impact on the pupils, and aiding them on their journey, is the most satisfying feeling to end each day.


Mr G Jelleyman

Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Year 5


When I was a little girl, I had the BEST year 4 teacher ever called Mrs Owen. Throughout my time in school I dreamt of being a teacher just like she was and I love that my dream came true! It shows what lots of hard work can do; I feel so lucky to work in a school as wonderful as ours!


Year 5 Teacher

Miss A Peyser

Year 5 Teacher

Miss A Joseph
MDP_9308 copy.jpg

I have always been intrigued by the teaching profession and was inspired by my English teacher who always believed in me and put so much time and effort into my learning journey. Likewise I wish to become a teacher who can make an immeasurable impact on children’s lives.

Alice Braxton

I have always been interested in teaching from a young age. I am passionate that through education we have the power to change lives and make a difference. I always wanted a job where everyday was different, and my interest in learning new things means I LOVE every day. I couldn't see myself doing anything else and am incredibly lucky to be part of the St John's team


Year 5 Teacher

Mis A Braxton

Teaching Year 4

Amanda Horne.jpg

I am inspired by my Dad every day as he continues to embrace life and enjoy everything it has to offer. Growing up, I watched him work hard to achieve what he wanted for his family whilst never compromising the time he spent with us all. When I began my route to teaching, with my own family, my goal was to show him I could do the same.  He taught me to be accepting of everyone and through him I have learnt to have empathy and immense appreciation for our diverse culture and all it has to offer. 


Year 4 Teacher

Miss A Horne

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I loved primary school and wanted to share my love of learning with others. I have always worked with children/ young people (at my ballet school and Brownies) and could not imagine another job that is as rewarding as teaching.

Year 4 Teacher

Miss R Moles
Andrew Carter.jpg

During my resettlement for leaving the British Army, I decided that I wanted to go into teaching and I thought I would teach in a prison. However, I was given the opportunity to complete a 2 year course that would develop my teaching skills so that I would be able to teach in a school. I am so fortunate to have been given this opportunity and I relish every opportunity to have a positive impact on a child's life. Due to my military background, I have strong values about honesty, loyalty and ensuring we work hard to succeed, whilst having fun and being creative when the opportunities arise. Balance is key in all that we do.


Mr A Carter

Year 4 Teacher

Teaching Year 3

MDP_9295 copy.jpg

For most of my life, my greatest inspiration has been, and still is, Jesus. I have never met anyone else who asks such clear questions, loves so unconditionally or lives in such a challenging way; reminding me daily that he believes in me and all that I can be. Many years ago, I believe that God told me that His plan for my life was to 'Feed my lambs' and I think He directed me to St John's for this purpose. St John's is a place where we, as a whole community, help children to aspire to fulfil their potential and purpose through love, care, opportunity and challenge: what a privilege to spend my days doing this!

Year 3 Teacher

Miss D Riddy
MDP_9205 copy.jpg

As a child, my older sister was an inspiration to me. She is also a teacher, and seeing the impact she had on people's lives drove me on and motivated me to do the same. My goal is to help mould and shape the future generation into people that we all aspire to be and a member of society to be proud of.

Year 3 Teacher

Mr B Mucklin
Jessica P.jpg

 I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am the oldest of three girls and I am very blessed and fortunate to have a wonderful family. I moved to England two years ago and so far I am really enjoying my time here. As an educator, I value the importance of having high expectations and believe that all of our children will benefit from having their gifts and talents cultivated through our educational process. It is my belief that our students should have as many opportunities as possible to succeed and that we as their educational community should nourish their love for learning. Most importantly, children and families will always be valued, respected and have a sense of belonging in my classroom.


Mrs J Pleus

Year 3 Teacher

Teaching Year 2


I decided that I wanted to be a teacher when I was at university after volunteering to run politics' workshops in primary schools. I always came out feeling so energised and looking forward to going back. Through teaching, I aspire to make a difference in children's lives and to instill in them a love of learning.

Year 2 Teacher

Miss R Duffy

Year 2 Teacher

Miss L Mortley

I have always loved to teach others and after working as a dance teacher throughout University, I wanted to further inspire the younger generation. My purpose stems from wanting to make a real difference and develop children's love for learning. I adore all things creative and teaching allows me to experience this on a daily basis! 


I was inspired to be a teacher during my gap year in France where I taught French children English. This experience was where I realised how rewarding teaching is and where I found my love for working with children. After this year, I went to university to study Education with French and have never looked back! My main goal in teaching is to make a positive impact in children's lives and encourage children to reach their full potential and achieve anything they set their mind to.


Miss G Mann

Year 2 Teacher

Teaching Year 1


I decided that I wanted to be a teacher when I was at university after volunteering to run politics' workshops in primary schools. I always came out feeling so energised and looking forward to going back. Through teaching, I aspire to make a difference in children's lives and to instill in them a love of learning.

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Mills

From a young age I always knew I wanted to be a teacher; I went onto university to complete my degree and through my studying and training I had the opportunity to work with many different children and families.  I loved the rewarding feeling of accomplishment when children learnt and understood something new! The thought of being able to have an impact on their learning confirmed what I'd wanted to be all those years ago - that I should work in education. I have loved every minute of my teaching career so far and cannot wait to continue developing children's love of learning in the future.

Year 1 Teacher

Miss F Rowe

Teaching Reception

Tamara copy.jpg

I used to be a dance teacher in primary schools and I loved teaching children so much, I decided I wanted to teach them everything! I have met many inspiring people throughout my years as a teacher and just like the children, I learn something new every day. Working at St John's makes me happy because of the sense of belonging I get from both the children and the adults. We are one big family!

Reception Teacher and Acting Deputy Head

Mrs Salisbury
Jess Woodcock.JPG

As a child, I loved to pretend I was a teacher and throughout school, I really enjoyed musical and creative activities. I grew up learning instruments and playing in bands as a teenager! At university, studying music, I volunteered and went into primary schools to do musical workshops and this is where my love for working with children began! After my degree, I worked in different schools as a teaching assistant for 5 years and then began training to be a teacher. I love my job at St John's, working with amazing people and I really enjoy teaching reception, helping children to learn through play! I aim to inspire, just as I was inspired right from reception!

Reception Teacher

Miss Woodcock

As a child I loved primary school, one of the reasons  for this was an amazing teacher who made learning fun and enjoyable and made everyone in her class feel special and valued.  I decided from an early age that I wanted to be like that teacher, I stuck with my dream and have never looked back! I feel blessed to be able to come to work every day and hopefully make a difference to the children that I teach and help them achieve their goals just like I did. 

Reception Teacher

Mrs Page

Raising Standards Teachers

MDP_9359 copy.jpg

I first wanted to be a teacher at university. I volunteered to mentor primary aged children. One of the children I mentored at the school was having a really hard time and faced many challenges in his life. We talked 3 times a week about his life, school and did some of his work together. At the end of the year he wrote me a letter explaining how his attitude to school and life had completely changed. It is a letter I will never forget. Two previous teachers have also inspired me in their own unique way, one was a PE teacher that went out of his way to show he cared and checked I was OK. The other was eccentric science teacher that made learning so fun, and this is what I want for every child in our school.

Raising Standards Teacher and Acting Deputy Head

Mr Hurford
MDP_9245 copy.jpg

When I was a little girl I really enjoyed everything creative; as I got older,  I realised I loved being around children for their excitement and enthusiasm for life! I decided to combine these two loves and become a teacher. I feel inspired everyday by the children and adults at St John's, for their dedication and drive to be the very best we can be....everyday!

Raising Standards Teacher

Mrs McLay
STAFF10-5 copy.jpg

My parents taught me to share; play fair and not to hurt people;  clean up my own mess and not take other people’s things; say sorry, please and thank you; and be happy and always try my best. That’s most important. To try and live a balanced life, learn and think; and to look around, question what we see and to speak up when something is wrong. I believe that we should treat everybody how we want them to treat us and we are stronger together. I try and help the children and adults at school to follow these values so they can enjoy a happy life.

Raising Standards Teacher

Mr Nay

Forest School

New St John's Logo.png

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Forest School Teacher

Sports Teachers

STAFF9-4 copy_edited.jpg

I have had a passion for sport from an early age, specialising in Football, in which I represented for Hunts County several times. I also enjoy participating in sports like tennis, running, and netball. After graduating my Sports' and Physical Education Degree at Bedford I joined the St John's family in 2012.  I love inspiring our children - developing their skills, introducing them to new sports and I aim to pass on my passion and values along the way

Sports Teacher

Mrs M Curtis
MDP_9336 copy.jpg

I’m so excited about sharing my passion of sport with the children here at St. John’s. Sport has had a big impact on my life, it has brought me some great opportunities such as playing football at high level, then I went on to coaching. My goal is to make all children find a love sport.

Sports teacher

Mrs A Corleys

I have always held a long love for sports, ever since I was in primary school myself. I have been lucky enough to have had some amazing opportunities in sport, from teaching in Slovenia, to having the chance to run and manage my own grassroots football team. I look forward to passing my knowledge onto and working with the children here at St Johns, whilst also assisting them in finding their own passion for sports, and developing their own skills for the future


Mr A Griffin

Sports teacher

image0 (2)_edited.jpg

I have always had a passion in sport which I am eager to share with the children. I enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, dance, badminton and football. I am excited to see where my journey takes me here at St Johns. 


Miss C Hills

PE,Sports and Wellbeing Apprentice

Teaching Assistants

STAFF2-9926 copy.jpg

Working with children wasn’t something I dreamed of. I discovered my love and passion for education in my late 20s. It was with a little help (“push” would be the better word!) from my younger sister. She made a comment once, that I should work with the children... so I took her advice and it looks like it was the best advice I have ever had. My very first experience of working with children started in the nursery. I worked with preschool children to start with, but soon moved to work with toddlers for the most of my time in the nursery. Exactly one year ago I started my exciting journey at St John’s Church School. Since then I have met some of the most amazing children, who I nurture and watch grow and achieve so much each day! It’s the most rewarding part of my job. Second of all I am lucky and privileged to work with many amazing and talented people.It feels great to be part of this team.

Teaching assistant

Mrs M Ruda

There is nothing better than knowing that you have taught a child something.... it’s  like having the privilege of sharing a little bit of the world with them for the first time. Science is my particular passion and something I hope I pass on to the children I teach.


Mrs E Tanner

Teaching assistant

MDP_9194 copy.jpg

I have always wanted to work with children in an education setting, from the inspiration of my old science teacher. I am studying my BA Hons Education with the dream of becoming a teacher. Working at St. John’s makes me feel like I belong and that I am making a difference in children’s lives. 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Shelbourne

Ever since becoming a mum I have always known that my dream job would be working with children and making a difference to as many lives as possible. I had two amazing teachers at primary school who made learning so much fun and their enthusiasm stuck with me through life. The sense of belonging at St Johns amongst children and staff alike makes this experience the best it could possibly be. My ethos in life is, “if you can be anything in life, be kind”.


Mrs K Weston

Teaching Assistant

STAFF2-9916 copy.jpg

I began my journey in education working as a nursery nurse, where I had the opportunity to work with Reception children.  I loved it so much that I never looked back! I've now worked at St John's for 20 years and wouldn't want to work anywhere else!


Mrs T Pugh

Teaching Assistant

STAFF9-2 copy.jpg

I have always loved working with children. Since leaving secondary school I have worked with children of all ages in nurseries and early years. From starting here in Reception and moving into year one, it has been amazing to see each child develop their own individual personalities. Both children and adults have a massive sense of belonging here at St Johns making it such a great environment for everyone.

Teaching assistant

Miss S Price
STAFF2-9907 copy.jpg

Having been inspired to a lifelong love of reading by a teacher who told us that “reading a book can take you anywhere in your imagination,” I am passionate about sharing this with our students, to encourage them to read as widely as they can and travel far in their own imaginations


Mrs S Thompson

Teaching assistant


Working at St John’s is my first job as a TA and I feel as though I learn so much from the children and staff everyday.  I have a passion for drama and history and love to be creative; sharing this with the children is very rewarding. I hope that I help the children I work with get the best out of school and have fun!

Miss A Foster

Teaching assistant

I have always wanted to work with children and support them in reaching their potential. I have a love for learning and hope to inspire the same in children, whilst also helping them to grow in confidence and flourish!


Mrs S Pinder

Teaching assistant

Samantha Pinder.jpg
New St John's Logo.png

My career in education has continually evolved, having worked with a variety of young people and children around the country. I am constantly inspired by children who show focus, strength and determination in challenging situations. Being there to aid their progress, build relationships and see them succeed is definitely the best part of the job. I want to have a positive and lasting impact on the children I work with. To thrive, not just survive. My aim is always that.


Mrs S Gash

Teaching assistant

Academic Mentor

New St John's Logo.png

I was born in Poland where I used to teach English as a second language. As I decided to pursue my master's degree in England, I moved to Cambridgeshire in 2019. I am currently undertaking a part - time MSc in Information and Communication Technology at Anglia Ruskin University. In 2020 I was awarded QTS, therefore being an academic mentor is an excellent opportunity to gain my first teaching experience in England. I am extremely proud and honoured to be part of this amazing team at St John's Church School


Mrs M Drzazga

Academic Mentor