Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PHSE) education helps children to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as members of society.


Our PSHE curriculum contributes to our school’s ethos and Christian values by promoting equality, tackling discrimination and bullying, and developing cultural awareness to prepare children as positive members of the community.

At St John’s, we teach PSHE weekly as part of our curriculum, following the Cambridge Primary Personal Development Plan. Our curriculum progresses across the school and focuses on the following areas:


Citizenship -

Considering what makes us who we are by investigating how we are similar to and different from each other, and how to value different types of people. We think about our community, learning about who looks after us and how we can look after our neighbourhood.


Rights, Rules and Responsibilities

Considering the purpose of rules and how we take part in making them. We think about our own responsibilities and how we can work well with others.


Financial capability
Discovering where money comes from and where it goes when we use it. We consider what adults need to spend money on and how to get ‘value for money’. We learn about poverty and reflect on the role that charity plays in helping others.


Myself & My Relationships

Thinking about our family and friends, discussing what makes them special to us and what makes a good friend. We explore our own emotions and how to recognise and respond to emotions in ourselves and others. We learn what bullying is and what to do if we encounter it.


Health & Safer Lifestyles

Learning how to recognise risky situations and how to keep ourselves safe. We discuss who we can trust and talk to if we feel unsafe and consider how to stay safe in different contexts, including on the roads, in the sun and in water.

To enhance our PHSE provision we also have weekly STRIVE sessions which help children to explore and understand their emotions and feelings; developing strategies to self-regulate them. At St John’s, all classes revisit and reflect upon these sessions throughout the week. Class teachers choose an area of focus for their class that best meets their particular needs.

STRIVE sessions focus on helping children to develop skills in a range of different areas:

  • Being - being safe, special and having our needs met

  • Doing - exploring and experimenting, experiencing options, initiating, engaging and doing

  • Thinking - expressing views, learning about cause & effect, feeling, thinking and problem solving 

  • Power & Identity - developing an identity, distinguishing fantasy & reality, and power with responsibility

  • Skills & Structure - motivation for developing skills, developing morals & values, and understanding the need for rules