Physical Education

“Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back” Mia Hamm (award-winning professional football player)


We have a specialist PE teacher that teaches each class across the school, twice a week for an hour.  A P.E. kit must be worn for these lessons so your child can take part.

It is essential that pupils are properly dressed, which include:

Blue or black sports trousers and shorts (weather dependent)

Plain white T-shirt / polo shirt

Blue of black Tracksuit jacket or jumper

A long sleeved base layer to wear under PE t shirt in the cold weather.


Trainers or plimsolls

Hair bobble

For Health and Safety reasons children should not wear jewellery on PE days, therefore earrings are to be removed.

If ears have been pierced less than 6 weeks, tape must be provided. These rules must be adhered to for safety reasons. Any long hair must also be tied up.

All children are encouraged to be physically active and take part in sporting activities.  We concentrate on enjoyment and participation.  The children are encouraged to be competitive in a club situation and during inter-school activities. School teams are involved in local sport festivals in the Orton cluster and other Peterborough based competitions.

As part of the National Curriculum we encourage all children to learn to swim and Year 3 take swimming lessons at the regional pool for one term each year.

In addition to this, we hold an annual sports’ day event for both Key Stages and over the last few years we have offered activity days during our annual Health Week. This offers the chance for children to participate in new and challenging outdoor education activities such as climbing and archery.

Our school runs a range of extracurricular activities each year for a variety of different sports in both Key Stages.  This is to encourage a love of sport.  This year we will run clubs in football, rugby, netball, cricket, athletics, multi-sports and multi-skills.