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Do you have Albatross?


Queen Katharine Academy

Year 8

Do you see albatrosses a lot ?


Hey Jo,

Thanks for getting in touch.

No we don't see Albatrosses a lot but they are seen now and then, these are known as vagrants and these are exciting for birdwatchers, and specifically twitchers. Albatrosses are actually southern ocean species, with some in the pacific.

We do have Fulmars  ( See image I shot ) and Petrels which are from the same family. They also have tube noses which you can see if you look closely at the bills. Fulmars are very common here and look like small albatrosses, and are also great flyers, easily travelling thousands of miles in high winds.  

Oh and by the way they can live up to 40 years! 

I hope this answers you question .

Nice chatting


Big Moon?


St Johns

3 years old

Is the moon big there and do you get lots of birds?


Hey Theo,

What an interesting question!

The moon is the same all over the world, sometimes small, sometimes big, due to the way it orbits around Earth. That said, we do get beautiful skies here as there is so little man made light.  So when the moon is big, it looks big and clear and wonderful. You could almost touch it!! :o)

The photo above is one I took recently, can you see lots of detail on it.

We do get lots of birds as well. I will post another answer on that one so that I show a nice picture. Be back soon on that one. :o)

Thank you for being our first question!

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