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GDPR became a massive push in 2019, when all school were instructed to comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulations. This was massive undertaken for most of us and continues to be a complex area to manage effectively. 

To ber very clear from the start, we are not offering a DPO service. Many of us have already contracted DPOs to support us through this ongoing process.

What we are offering is a GDPR IT specific support service that will essentially work with you and your DPO to ensure that the IT specific end of the process is dealt with . As a data based regulation it is no surprise that the IT aspect of the regulation is massive and often complex.

We aim to make this easier to manage by a few simple steps.

  • Look at your DPO assessment to ascertain what you have instructed to do in order to meet compliancy. If you do not have a DPO we can help move you toward that .

  • Once we know what is needed to happen to be complaint. I will put an action plan together that will details what is need to happen, when and so what. These actions plans have been tried and tested here at St John's and WInyates and have been received well by our DPO. So our experience becomes yours.

  • Once the action plan is in place I will work with your technician to ensure that they are aware and to discuss if my timeframe and deadlines are realistic,

  • At this stage I will meet with you again, explain what we have planned and give you full access to the plan, so that you can be kept informed of the changes as they happen.

  •  Once this area has been completed we work with you to ensure that as your system changes so does the plan. For existing clients this will be included in your contract. For new clients we quote accordingly to make sure we have time allocated to support you ongoing.

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Mr S Hollingsworth

Business & Innovation Manager