Book Fair

7 May 2021, 10:45:25

We will have the book fair in school over the next two weeks. To maintain social distancing, we are opening the book fair to each year group on a different day. If weather permits, we will hold the book fair outside of the music room but if not, it will be inside the music room. To access the book fair, we will open Gate A. When visiting the book fair, we do ask that you wear a face covering and we will monitor numbers so that it does not become crowded. If you prefer not to visit the book fair in person but would still like to purchase a book, there is an order form attached which can be completed and the book will then be delivered to your child’s class. The order form shows all of the books that will be available which may also be useful so that you and your child can browse in advance. It will be open at the same time on each day, 3.30pm-4.00pm Reception Tuesday 11th May Y1 Wednesday 12th May Y2 Thursday 13th May Y3 Friday 14th May Y4 Monday 17th May Y5 Tuesday 18th May Y6 Wednesday 19th May

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