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About Forest School

Forest School at St. John’s Church School gives every child the chance to participate in an outdoor education which links holistically to their class curriculum while upholding the core values of free play and child led learning. Our children learn to develop key personal, social and practical skills. This type of education offers our children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in an outdoor environment. 


Forest School lessons take place in Peanut Park, our outdoor classroom, the school garden or the pond area and offer a means to build independence and self-esteem in our children. The range of activities covered is vast and no one lesson is ever the same. Each lessons main objective is to develop highly valuable personal skills such as effective communication, spirituality, teamwork and problem solving. The experiences each child has in Forest School are unique to them as lessons allow them to engage on their own terms using their own individual learning style. During each lesson children naturally make cross- curricular links to Math’s, English, science and class topics, however there are many occasions when subjects are explicitly taught to increase knowledge of the natural world.  Overall, children are encouraged to be curious learners, ask questions, explore, use all of their senses, learn spatial awareness and increase motor development.  


Each class is fortunate to get 1 hour a week, which equates to 39 hours in an academic year. The frequency of Forest School brings great benefits to our children, as not only does it allow children to experience all weathers and each changing season, it gives them an unstructured learning environment where their holistic development is the core focus. As they progress through the year they become masters at a variety of practical skills, including den building, using tools, making and cooking on the fire. Lessons give ample opportunities for learners to develop their Learning Powers and to practice our Christian Values. All children enjoy taking part in Forest School and understand that being outside can make them feel calm and relaxed. Our children know that they can find peace and enjoyment in nature. 


Our overall outcome for each child during their 7 years at St. Johns is that they will naturally be creative learners with firm foundations for continued personal and educational success.  


The Forest School team.

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