Forest School's
Nature Journal
Where you become a 'Nature Reporter'
Please read these steps before submitting your journal..
If you are out on a walk or in your garden. We want you to keep a scientific eye out for any wonder happening with nature. It could be a bug, a flower, the bark on a tree. If you see anything that you would like to share, go to  step  2.
Now it is time to capture what you have seen. This can be done in many ways and we want you to choose the best way for you. You could take a photo or a movie. You could make a movie to capture what you see and hear. You could even draw what you have seen on paper. 
Write a reflective piece.
We want you to write a brief piece on what you have seen. 'What did you learn?' Below are some ideas of what you could write about in your reflection. We recommend you handwrite your notes on paper and as you will need to submit on the website.
  • What did you see and notice?
  • Did you hear anything i.e Insect noise, bird song?
  • Colour, smell, touch? Use your senses?
  • What are your thoughts?
  • Do you have any questions about what you have seen?
When out exploring and investigating always be careful not to touch anything sharp, prickly, or anything that can bite or sting.
"If drawing what you see you will need to do so on nice clean paper. When done lay the paper on a table with nice daylight. You can now take a photo so you can submit your drawing to your journal. Watch our for shadows!! Check your image looks clear and that the colours and lines are showing nicely. " Mrs Henson
"We know you are all awesome with Computers but if you get stuck ask an adult " Mrs Henson
Now you have your ideas and your images/recording, you can now submit them. Click on the link below and UPLOAD your wonderful discovery


When you click the UPLOAD button it may seem like it has not worked. It can take a little while to upload when you submit images and videos, please click once and wait. Once it has uploaded you will be moved to the Journal view page which will show previous posts and eventually yours, once Mrs. Henson has approved it.

We will look at your submissions and if they pass inspection from the Nature Journal Editor you will then see your Journal log appear on its very own web page. Click the green icon below to visit the page.  We have submitted a couple of examples for you to see.