Inclusion Team


At school I was unsure about what I wanted to do but from the moment I greeted my first class I knew that I had found my dream job, teaching!


I believe that as a teacher working at St John's I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with wonderful children, families and professionals. I am passionate about providing the very best educational opportunities for every child and instilling a love of life long learning.

Mrs S Walton


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Initially after leaving school, my career was very different to where I am very privileged to be working now. My work has always incorporated both listening and communicating with a vast range of people, which has underpinned my values of reciprocity, resilience and trust. In 2011, through the love and interest of my own three children, I started my career within the school environment. My enthusiasm for my role has encouraged me to continuously professionally develop myself and has enabled me to work at St John's within a friendly team; who are dedicated to ensuring that the pupils of St John's receive both the best academic and pastoral opportunities.  

Mrs J Webster

Assistant SENCO

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It is such a privilege to support children and families here at St Johns, alongside teaching teams and leadership who are so passionate about our children achieving their full potential. A year 6 girl once called me her school Mum; this stays with me when I support and empower children to problem solve and be the best version of themselves they can be - I feel so fortunate that I can extend my support to our families. The diversity of people's different backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and positively valued; it makes for everyday being a learning day. 

Mrs E Richardson

Family Liaison Worker

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As a little girl I always dreamed of working in education. I spent the majority of my time playing schools with a class full of teddies and dolls! During secondary school I carried out my work experience at a local special school and loved minute of it. I feel so privileged to have achieved my dream of working in a school, particularly focusing on children with SEND and those who may be vulnerable or find school a little tricky. I feel my role as a Strive practitioner is so rewarding and I truly hope we can make a difference in helping all students in St John's to shine! :)

Mrs A Makansi

STRIVE Practitioner


I always remember in Secondary school I had the most wonderful English teacher, she was so kind, supportive, encouraging and was absolutely beautiful both inside and out. I began my teaching career as a dance coach, delivering pe sessions in numerous schools across Peterborough. At Winyates I was noticed for building great rapports with students and was asked to be a TA. Almost a decade later I have moved forward as a Thrive practitioner, enabling students to successfully overcome difficulties and to flourish in their education journey.  My job is really enjoyable and rewarding and I can only hope that the pupils at Winyates and St johns will remember me like I do my English teacher :)

Mrs J Sayle

STRIVE Practitioner