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A note from Mrs Firth

Well, what an incredible term we have had!

The children have thrown themselves into some deep thinking all about “what makes us who we are?” The lively discussions and the knowledge it has brought about, have shown real thought and understanding.

Next term's big question looks just as exciting and I know that staff are keen

share the knowledge organisers and curriculum maps before Christmas so that

children and families can start thinking.

You may have seen on Peterborough Today that our school has come second in

the Peterborough league table for attainment for reading writing and maths (we

could really say that we are the top performing non selective school in

This is a wonderful achievement for all the children, their parents and the staff;

who over the seven years of educating, nurturing and challenging them

tirelessly, have ensured that each and every child did become their best.

When I spoke to all the Year 6 individually at the end of last year, the key theme,

was that they had never worked so hard in their lives and that they felt very

ready for the next challenge in their lives. The Principal at Bushfield often says to

me how much he enjoys having our pupils; they have an incredible work ethic

and an absolute desire to push themselves. We should all feel very collectively


On another note, we hope to share with you very soon the report from our

Church school inspection. I have seen the draft and I am sure all parents will be

delighted to see how well we have done and just how excellent our school is. I

would like to thank the parents who came in to speak to the inspector, she was

very moved by their comments about the school and how supported and cared

for they felt. The children were a particular delight for her and they have some

excellent quotes in the report.

In the new year we have been asked to support Barnack school, as another

church school we look forward to working with them and the creative

opportunities it may bring.

At this time of year, the staff and I would like to wish you all a very happy

Christmas and thank you all for your kind and warm regards. Mrs Firth

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