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Book Chat: Reading with your child

Episode 1

Regularly reading with your children at home helps build a strong foundation for their language and literacy skills. It's a special time for bonding, relaxation, and enjoyable conversations. To promote children’s pleasure in reading and foster the habit, we need to read to children and with them and talk to them about books. These conversations are crucial as they help children to engage and think deeply.

We’ll be releasing a mini series of Book Chat posts to provide you with top tips to help you get the best out of reading with your children. 

Top Tips:

1.       Observe and respond: Pay attention to what captures your child’s attention and build on their interests, for example, ‘Oh, you’ve spotted the…!’.

2.       Leave pauses: So they can look closely and think, this will lead to comments on the pictures or questions. Respond to their lead and let the book chat flow.

Please see this example below: Ben Harris (Teacher) reads One Fox by Kate Read for 5+

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