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Celebrate Successes!

Good morning,

I would like to thank and congratulate our parents and carers for how well they have supported our children to access remote learning so far. What a great team - together we are continuing to ensure that our children (and staff, parents and whole school community!) achieve, learn and grow!

As we embark on our first full week of remote learning, let’s celebrate our successes from last week together. Our celebration worship will be at 9:15am this morning via the St. John’s Whole School Google Classroom, children will just need to click on the Google Meet link at the top of the page. Please ensure they remain muted throughout the worship.

Those in Reception will be emailed a link to this.

I look forward to seeing all the children virtually and celebrating in our usual ‘St. John’s way’ this morning.

Lessons will then begin at 9:30am, as usual, in the children’s individual class Google Classrooms.

Thank you, in advance, for your continued support,

Mrs Foster

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