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Celebrating Perfect Attendance: A Milestone of Commitment

Here at St John’s we believe in recognising and celebrating the dedication and commitment of our students. One such achievement that deserves applause is 100 percent attendance for the spring term.


Attending school every day is not just about showing up; it's a commitment to learning, growth, and being part of our vibrant community. It shows resilience, responsibility, and a desire to make the most of every educational opportunity.


We are thrilled to announce that several of our students have achieved this remarkable milestone of perfect attendance. 


A big well done to Holly (Year 2), Nyah (Year 4) and Nada (Year 6). They each have received a £20 Amazon voucher for their attendance.


We encourage all students to strive for regular attendance, as it not only sets them up for academic success but also cultivates important life skills such as punctuality, responsibility, and commitment.


Congratulations to all our students who have achieved 100 percent attendance!

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