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Hey everyone,

We are launching a run of competitions for any of our children to get involved with. The first week is based on PHOTOGRAPHY and the subject is 'OBJECTS'.

We want photographs of OBJECTS not people or animals. The photographs must be creative and interesting. Using light , composition to create beautiful shots of every day objects in your or Garden.

All shots will be shown in our exciting gallery and uploaded on our website.


1) Shots must be taken by your children

2) You can use a Phone , Tablet or a Camera.

3) Be creative, we want shots that have wonderful light, great composition and that are interesting, creative and inspiring!


You can teach this age range even more about photography. Start with some basics in composition. Teaching your child how to add variety to their photo with composition will help them tell a better story with their photos.

Rule of thirds Basic compositional guide that has been used by artist and photographers alike for many years. Simply have them view their scene as if a tic-tac-toe board was over it. Place the subject on one of the intersecting lines. Limb chops This is an important skill to know when photographing people or animals. In short, don’t crop your subject if the joint bends. Leading lines This is one of my favorites and a more advanced technique. Look for lines that will guide the viewers eye through the frame and lead them to the subject. Fill the frame If you have an interesting subject, don’t be afraid to fill the entire frame with it. Negative Space Another powerful composition technique, this can create a dramatic look and really make the subject pop.

You can tackle lighting as well.

Catchlights This is extremely important to understand when it comes to lighting as adding catchlights can give your subject such a sparkle to their eye. Backlighting Best achieved during golden hour, learning to use back-lighting can add a nice glow and warmth to your kid’s photos. Low light Learning to see low light and understanding how to use it in your photos allows your child to play with all different types of light. Window light The most popular type of natural light, knowing how to position your subject using window light can help create depth and dimensions with shadows.

Click here to upload your photos:

Deadline is Friday the 17th of April 3 pm. After this the uploads will be stopped.

Good luck everyone, cant wait to see your work!!

Mr Hollingsworth

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