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Day 1 - Willersley Castle Y5 Residential

We arrived at Willersley Castle at 12.30. Once we disembarked the bus, it was time to collect our luggage and make our way into the hall for some well needed lunch!

After our Lunch we went for a walk around the centre, seeing a number of our activities, this gave us an insight to what we had to look forward to doing!

We finally met our instructors following the end of our hike and got shown to our rooms, excited to spend the time with our friends.

Our first activities were as seen below:

Group 1 - Initiative Exercises

Group 2 - Initiative Exercises

Group 3 - Axe Throwing

Group 4 - Rifle Shooting

Dinner, consisted a great variety of food, from Bolognese to Fish with vegetables and mash potatoes.

Our final activity of the day was:

Group 1 - Zip Wire

Group 2 - Zip Wire

Group 3 - Rifle Shooting

Group 4 - Axe Throwing

We look forward to updating you all with our busiest day yet!

The Y5 Residential Children!

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