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Hi Everyone,

I am going to paste an email from EDUCATION CITY support re performance issues that will explain a few things and inform you of a shutdown period, with a view of making things better for their users during this demanding period of use. I thought you would all like to know.

Best wishes

Mr Hollingsworth

Dear Mr Hollingsworth,

I want to begin by expressing our deep gratitude that you have chosen us to support you during this challenging time.

The usage we have seen on our platform has been overwhelmingly positive, rising by around 550%!

With this in mind, unprecedented usage such as this can also cause some disturbances at times, which our dedicated team has been working on around-the-clock to minimise and remove any disturbances.

As such, we have decided to migrate our whole system to Amazon Web Services which will enable a far wider breadth of bandwidth and flexibility, leading to a much smoother experience for every single user.

To make this happen we will need to carry out work today, 25th March, from 4pm until 2am (an estimate total of 10 hours). Teachers and students should not experience an interruption to their activities on Thursday 26th March and can commence their day as usual.

Users looking to work on the system beyond 4pm today, 25th March, will not be able to do so, however, due to the migration.

Please accept our deepest and most sincere apologies for this. We are truly committed to providing the best experience to you, our users, and supporting you with everything within our power during this challenging time.

Head of Implementation

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