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EYFS _ Wonderful Christmas Experience

We had a great time today at West Lodge Farm Park for our Christmas Experience.

We enjoyed travelling on the coach and our journey there. Once we arrived we went to see the animals around the farm, including the goats, rabbits, pigs and chickens, and enjoyed getting to stroke and pet some of them! We then went to our Christmas workshop.

Our first job was to make some reindeer food. We got to choose which natural ingredients we wanted to include and are looking forward to sprinkling them outside our homes on Christmas Eve. We then walked through the ‘Elves Village’ with our special glasses, which made the light change like magic! Then we had to go through ‘Elf Security’.

Luckily we had all been good this year, so got to be an elf! We had so much fun putting on our hats and making our cheeks rosey red. Our next stop was the Christmas post-office, where we wrote our letters to Father Christmas, drawing what we would like. Then we had to be really quiet before waking up Father Christmas.

We told him what we would like for Christmas, and he found out if we had be nice this year. We were so lucky, we got to choose an early present! We had so much fun and hope we have told you lots about our exciting Christmas Experience!

Miss Woodcock

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