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Family Fun Thursday (4th)

Another fantastic morning with the Spheros. Lots of fun, along with deeper learning about the devices. We had a technical situation with the charging, so didn't quite have enough to go round. Our children showed their values by caring and sharing. They all pulled together and made sure everyone could be part of the morning. Kevin offered his device to a parent with good heart, which I thought was particularly wonderful.

CARING - Showing others compassion, like Jesus

The children also had a 20 minute period where we moved aside for parents coming in to drop their children off to the Reception and Year 1 classes. During this period they were not allowed to run the bots across the floor, so they all sat at a table together, bots in hand, and experimented with the iPAD to learn more about what the controls did. This was driven by the children and organised by them. Together they discovered and shared wonderful knowledge, listening to each other and genuinely valuing each others' input.

HUMILITY - Acknowledging the value of each person in God's sight

Next week we are going to introduce programming to the children and parents, so lots to look forward to!

Mr Hollingsworth

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