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On week 4, Reception have been continuing to learn about plants and exploring the lifecycles of different plants.

On week 1 we planted some bean seeds! We have watched closely over the past 3 weeks to see how our bean seeds have started to sprout, and grow taller and taller each day! We are continuing to care for them, making sure they are watered and have enough warmth and sunlight. We had to re-pot them and put a stick in to support them as they are growing so much, making sure they have enough space to grow! How exciting! We also practised measuring different plants using non-standard units to see which was the tallest! Maybe our beanstalks will grow as tall as in the story "Jack and the beanstalk!"

Finally we took them home to show our families. If any children continue to see their bean grow at home, please share your news on tapestry so we can see them! Good growing! I wonder what we will grow next?

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