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Helping Children and Young People with Managing Device Stress and Anxiety

We can access new music and movies in seconds. We can get products delivered to our door the very next day. We can chat or play games with people on the other side of the planet. For all of the remarkable benefits the digital age has brought us, however, it’s also presented us with a whole new raft of pressures and anxieties that, in truth, we’re all still learning to cope with.

From continual notifications inflaming a fear of missing out to the risk of public embarrassment or slanging matches on social media, today’s children and young people have stresses to manage that previous generations simply never encountered. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide examines these uniquely modern worries, highlighting ways to reduce the anxiety that digital devices can bring.

In the guide you'll find tips on reducing push notifications from apps, avoiding social media arguments and spotting when a child’s been upset by something online.

Download PDF • 3.04MB

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