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It was a 'pizza' cake

The week beginning 9th May, saw the year 6 pupils complete their SATs assessments.

I know I speak on behalf of all year 6 teachers, when saying how proud I was of the mature, determined attitudes that every pupil displayed throughout the week. This was an opportunity to showcase all the learning each pupil had done throughout their time in Key Stage 2. We are looking forward to receiving the results in early July.

Throughout the week, all pupils were treated to a cooked breakfast, first thing in the morning. This was followed by an energising activity put on by the PE team to get the pupils fired up, ready for the day ahead. The last assessment was completed on Thursday, and as a special gift for all their hard-work, the pupils received a pizza party on Friday. This took place in peanut park. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves, listening to music, dancing and eating pizza (my 3 favourite activities). It was a special moment, being able to watch them relax and enjoy each other's company. Mr Jelleyman

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