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Message from Mrs Firth

Dear Parents/carers

We just wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter.

Mr Hurford has made some wonderful little videos which I am sure will make you laugh! I’m quite convinced that my Dad actually thinks we dressed up and did the dance! Lovely he has such faith in me.

We need a good dollop of faith at the moment, I hope that like me, you have enjoyed watching the Collective Worships. They have helped ensure that we are all still connected.

As a teacher of many years I honestly thought home schooling would be a breeze, I’m sure it will make you feel much better to hear that it is not! I am very keen, as you will be to get back to normal but know that we must stay at home until we are told.

So many of our staff have emailed me expressing their sadness at being without their class, seeing the little moments of triumph, the smile of a child achieving their goal, overcoming a hurdle and children striving to do their best.

The school is the children, the curriculum we teach, the lessons we plan are all about creating the right culture for children. Whilst at home staff have been very busy planning exciting and vibrant learning opportunities for the return. We have also looked at research into making learning “sticky” and how we can create the best possible learning environments. This has kept us busy!

So finally we all hope that you have a safe and fun Easter at home. Take care of yourselves.

Mrs Firth

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