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Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.

Last academic year, St John's Church School earned an international accreditation, recognising their amazing work in making their school more environmentally friendly and raising eco-awareness in others.

The Eco-Schools programme was established in 1994 and is now delivered in more than 70 countries across the globe. More than 1 million pupils attended an Eco-School in England in 2022-23.

A group of children from Year 3 first formed an Eco-Committee, then collaborated =to conduct an environmental review, assessing how eco-friendly their school is. They reviewed everything from biodiversity within the school grounds to how pupils and staff members travel to school. Building on their findings, they then created an action plan designed to advance the school’s green credentials, improve the local environment, and protect our planet.

Eco-Schools England Manager, Adam Flint, said: “The Eco-Schools Green Flag award is an internationally recognised symbol of high environmental standards. The pupils and school staff that earn the award deserve immense credit for their hard work, determination, and creativity. Their passion for protecting our planet is an inspiration to us all.”

As a thank you gift, this year the Eco-Schools Team are working with JUST ONE Tree to plant a tree for every school, college, or nursery that achieves a Green Flag. Therefore, during the next rainy season, because of the children at St John's Church School, we will help to remove up to 308 kgs of carbon from the atmosphere during its lifetime.

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