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AUTHOR: Miss Moles

SCHOOL: St John's


'Random Acts of Wildness'

Year 1 have had such a a wonderful time completing our 'Random Acts of Wildness'. While searching for creepy crawlies the children took the opportunity to feel the soil between their fingers, they noticed that it was cold and slightly damp and if you mushed it together it formed lumps. We put on our detective hats and discovered spiders, centipedes and beetles under logs and tree stumps and worms burying themselves in long thin tunnels in the raised beds.

As a class we planned on having a wild picnic but the weather has been terrible all week so we stayed inside instead. On Monday we completed our 4th 'Wild Act' and managed to do some cloud spotting before the rain came down, back in class we all discussed what we had seen and I was impressed by how well everyone used their imaginations.

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