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AUTHOR: Chloe Steel

SCHOOL: St John's

YEAR: Year 3

'Chloe's discoveries'

Image 1: Last week I made some orange bird feeders. I sliced an orange in half and scooped the middle out. I then stuck kebab skewers through the orange so that the birds could perch on. My mummy then bought some bird seed from Tesco. I keep topping it up for the birds to eat. Its lovely to see them eating it.

Video: A swan and her cygnets.

During lock down on our daily walk we've been watching a couple of swans nesting. A couple of weeks ago the eggs hatched and we were lucky enough to see them very soon after. The baby cygnets were so fluffy and cute. There were five baby cygnets. It was amazing to see how quickly they got the cygnets on to the water to learn to swim. Such a magical sight.

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