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Norfolk Lakes update

Our first day started at Norfolk Lakes with us beginning to eat our lunch around 1.30. Once we finished our Lunch, it was time for us to find out our rooms and who we would be sharing with for the next couple of days!

Our first activity got us stuck right in with Giant SUPs and Giant Canoes! It was great fun and we loved every minute of it. It was a good start to a busy few days ahead

At 5.00 we had dinner which was the following:

Chicken Skewers or Gammon with Wedges and vegetables. Followed by Chocolate Brownie or Elderflower and Apple Flapjack, yummy!

After Dinner we ended the night with our final activity of the day with:



Rock Climbing

We look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings, but we are sure it will be amazing!

Year 4 Children

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