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Class totals this week: 18th– 22ndMay

1st Place – 5AH – 268,207

2nd Place –5OH– 166,784

3rd Place –4DR– 143,811

4th Place –6CK– 132,818

5th Place –5RD – 61,286

6th Place – 3RM – 55,867

7th Place – 4AP – 50,724

8th Place –3AJ –15,028

9th Place – 3AC – 10,411

10th Place – 2LM – 875

11th Place – 4ET - 509

All other classes scored zero

We are very proud of children who are continuing to read and take quizzes.

School readers of the week –

Riley Foster (5AH) 252,283

Rosie Thomas (6CK) 132,818

Karis Eben (4DR) 84,799

Elisa Berisha (5OH) 80,398

These children have all passed quizzes this week:

Ijeoma Ukpabi (2LM)

Ruby-Jo Cowlbeck (3AC)

Tsvetizara Ivanova (3AC)

Jessica Cowlbeck (3AJ)

Chloe Steel (3RM)

Alfie Thomas (3RM)

Korban Carey (3RM)

Katelyn Foster (4AP)

Emile Sidlauskaite (4AP)

Connor Anderson (4DR) read 30 books!

Arosaghe Jones (4DR)

Teniola Omoniyi (4DR)

Lilly-sue McCullough (4ET)

Imogen Grant (5AH)

Katelyn Foster (5OH)

Migle Dableviciute(5OH)

Brandon-Lee Ramm (5OH)

Beverley Jones (5RD)

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