Class totals this week: 29th June – 3rd July

1st Place – 6SR – 1,164,871

2nd Place –6CK– 755,333

3rd Place –6LE– 599,249

4th Place –4AP – 235,395

5th Place – 3AJ – 99,790

6th Place –4ET – 84,054

7th Place – 5OH – 40,069

8th Place – 4DR – 30,404

9th Place – 5RD – 29,046

10th Place – 3RM – 16,094

11th Place – 3AC- 1,596

12th Place – 5AH - 858

All other classes scored zero

We are very proud of children who are continuing to read and take quizzes.

School readers of the week –

Keren Eben (6SR) 848,191

Rosie Thomas (6CK) 133,759

Lilly Allen Parker (6LE) 124,229

These children have all passed quizzes this week:

Ruby-Jo Cowlbeck (3AC)

Jessica Cowlbeck (3AJ)

Chloe Steel (3RM)

Alfie Demeur (3RM)

Darcy Kistruck (3RM

Lacey Croote (4AP)

Stephanie Das (4AP)

Katelyn Foster (4AP)

Petra McLaughlan (4AP)

Suviksha Sahani (4AP)

Teniola Onomiyi(4DR)

Connor Anderson (4DR)

Shakthi Thirumal Murugan (4ET)

Kacper Ryz (4ET)

Leo McCullough (4ET)

Imogen Grant (5AH)

Elisa Berisha (5OH)

Beverley Jones (5RD)

Dexter Favell (6CK)

Amiee Whittock (6CK)

Frederick Betts (6CK)

Ainoras Dabulevicius (6CK)

Kevin Florea (6CK)

Tegan Harbour (6CK)

Issac Hides (6CK)

Hannah Huxley (6CK)

Keisha Reid (6CK)

Saim Uddin (6CK)

Heston Brader Cook (6LE)

Chloe Rocha Djaquite (6LE)

Augustus Gumuliauskas (6LE)

Amelia Kasperek (6LE)

Daniel McLaughlan (6LE)

Ian Rogan (6LE)

Bernardo Silva (6LE)

Nicholas Strickley (6LE)

Zackerrie Waller (6LE)

Wiktoria Drazkowska (6SR)

Antonia Frota Gomes Da Silva (6SR)

Oliwia Lukasiewicz (6SR)

Harley McCullough (6SR)

Erin Mcquade (6SR)

Jeremy Twumasi (6SR)

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